O’Donnell Excavating & Trucking


What good is a website if your potential customers can’t find it? That’s where SEO comes into play. Luckily for O’Donnell Excavating & Trucking, it’s our specialty.

Located in Sugar Grove, Illinois, O’Donnell Excavating & Trucking provides affordable, efficient, and robust excavating and construction services. They offer their services across the great state of Illinois. Whether you have a small or large project, their excavation contractors provide leading excavation and construction services.

Business owners and general contractors alike rely on their dependable services. They’ve built a faithful client base that relies on their second to none services. They offer land excavating, hauling & trucking, gravel, land grading, trenching, field tile drainage, sewer repair, septic system installation, black dirt, snow plowing, and asphalt paving.

Their commitment to their high standards is backed up by their extensive client list and on-going investments that allow for the efficient, accurate, and high-quality workmanship.



Date Started

March 2017




Conversions For Days

When O’Donnell Excavating & Trucking approached Youtech, there was just one thing missing — conversions. With other excavating and trucking companies in the market, we knew what needed to be done. We got to work creating a unique SEO plan of attack that would undoubtedly catapult O’Donnell to the top Google.

Truckin’ to the Top

We crafted a campaign specific to O’Donnell Excavating & Trucking that centered around optimizations and content. We added relevant information to pages and implemented keywords that ultimately increased their rank on Google, making their website easily found by customers.

The Proof

The proof is in the pudding — and these numbers.

Jan 1, 2019- May 3, 2020 vs Jan 1, 2018 – May 3, 2019


Increase in Users


Increase in New Users


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Goal Conversion Rate


Increase in Goal Completions


Increase in Keywords

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