Naperville Start-Up Surpasses Fiscal Goal, Raises the Bar for 2017


NAPERVILLE, IL: November 30, 2016 – As the holidays draw nearer and businesses close their books for 2016, it’s an important time to reflect on both the wins, losses, and key learnings that the preceding months have brought. For small businesses and start-ups especially, these reflections are crucial in making it to the next level.

On the Upswing
Youtech & Associates, an integrated marketing and web development agency based in Naperville, Illinois, is thrilled to have ended this year on a high note. The team led by a 25-yearold CEO has surpassed their goal, nearly doubling it in sales for 2016.

“By Q2, we already knew that we were in a position to surpass our annual sales goal, and that ignited the fire to push our boundaries even further for the remainder of the year,” says Wilbur You, CEO of Youtech & Associates. “It’s lofty, but based on our current projections, we’re confident that we’ll meet our 2017 goal. This year showed us what we’re capable of, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.”

The past year has afforded the agency many new clients, spanning industries such as healthcare research, trade services, and fitness. Of note, Dressander | BHC and Smart Money Advisors are just some of the companies who employed Youtech & Associates this year for their expertise in marketing, branding, and web development.

The latter is something that the agency aims to delve further into next year. “Expanding and
finessing our web development portfolio is something we intend to focus on,” says Trent Anderson, Director of Business Development. “We have an incredibly talented team of designers and programmers, and we want our clients to tap into their full potential.”

Multi-dimensional Growth
Existing clients have also reached new heights. UrbanMatter, an online events and entertainment resource, acquired its highest record of hits in website traffic this year, along with launching a mobile app. Additionally, Awesome Hand Gaming, a premier licenser of gaming machines in Illinois, expanded to multiple locations this year.

For the agency itself, the recruitment of new employees in 2016, a move into a new office space
in February, and ongoing offers extended for full-time and internship opportunities means that the future is looking bright.

The Roots of an Empire
At the age of 21, Wilbur You, a computer science major at Northern Illinois University, took the $600 he had to his name and transformed it into a business. Fast forward a few years, nearly 30 full-time employees have joined in his vision of building empires. Seemingly overnight, the company has become an authority on digital marketing, social media marketing, and web development.


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