#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 18: Lead Gen With Wilbur You

Generate Leads Via LinkedIn

What’s going on, guys!? This is #WeBuildWednesdays episode 18. I’m your host, Michael Norris. This time, we have a special VIP guest. I’m in the Arizona office for the first time. This is Wilbur You, our fearless leader, and today, we’re here to talk to you about LinkedIn Lead Gen.

Build a Network, Identify Prospects

Michael: So, Wilbur actually has been killing it on LinkedIn lately. He’s been posting about our rebrand and all kinds of stuff. As we’ve mentioned in some past episodes, LinkedIn is one of the few places left where you can really get some good organic reach and because of that, we’re capitalizing on it right now while we can. So, I’m going to turn it over to Wilbur just to talk a little bit about LinkedIn and what he’s been doing and then we’re going to talk a little bit about our solutions and what we can do to help you.

WilburThanks, Norris. Well, just to kind of give you a little background, I’ve used LinkedIn my entire career. I put all kinds of different jobs up and all that stuff, but I never really used it for leads or for selling anything, just for getting the name out there. And recently, Norris came to me and was like, “Hey, you need to use LinkedIn because it has the best organic reach.” So I was like, “Alright, we’ll let’s put together a game plan.”

So we did, and I started posting on it on a daily basis. And I can tell you, just from my network alone, I probably get five leads a day, so it’s been a huge impact. It might not be just, “Here, we need a website. Build it for me.” It’s more of like, “Hey, I have someone that owns a company that needs marketing.” And then it’s a soft reach into that company.

We get a lot of opportunities also. And yes, I do get a lot of sales pitches and things like that, but we do get a lot of insight from people that are doing the latest trends or whatever, so we can kind of keep up with the trends that way. And then we’ve also got a lot of publicity reach with it. So, a lot of people are hearing more about us, but they’re also reaching out, saying, “Hey, we can do a feature with you?” or “Hey, can we get you on this podcast?” or whatever it is, so it’s been really great.

Since I’ve been starting to test it, I started having some of our sales reps test it, as well, and it’s working really well. So, I know recently—and this is not a sales pitch—we just started offering LinkedIn lead gen packages for businesses and business leaders in their respective industries and it really does work. And it’s not something where you have to spend 10 grand a month to get leads, which can be great, but if you don’t have that type of budget, using your organic network is huge and LinkedIn lets you do that.

We used to do a lot of Facebook advertising. I used to post a lot of things on Facebook or Instagram or whatever it was, but that’s really more for your friends or family and things to see. On the LinkedIn network, during the day, everyone is checking LinkedIn, and seeing what’s new and what’s going on, and if you can stay at the top of their head, I mean, it’s huge.

Michael: Yeah, and it’s funny. I mean, you mention it. If we were to suggest this to people a couple of years ago, they probably would have looked at us like we were crazy. I mean, we wouldn’t have suggested a couple of years ago, you know? The game has changed and Facebook’s crazy oversaturated and you can build your personal brand on LinkedIn if nothing else.

Wilbur: It’s the only market where it’s not pay to play. I don’t even have the upgraded version of LinkedIn. I’m not even paying on a monthly basis and even that is only $60 a month, but just organically, I’m getting four or five leads a day. It’s unbelievable.

You always forget about the people that are in your network that might not be in the same industry as you, but they also have a network with someone that you could probably utilize or sell to or help. It works, and truthfully, we do a lot of marketing with Facebook and Instagram, and it’s all great, but it’s all pay to play at this point. You just don’t get the same reach that you used to on Facebook on a company page, where you would post and all of your followers would see it. Now, Facebook is more like, “Hey, we want to feed that advertising out and we kind of want to cater it to your friends or what your likes and interests are.” But LinkedIn is the one that you can do it organically and for free.

Set Yourself Apart

Michael: I think another thing that you mentioned before is that it’s not all just you out there pitching. It’s also you getting pitched to when you put yourself out there. And sometimes, you get pitched really good stuff.

Wilbur: Yeah, I mean, I get a lot of sales reps that come out and say, “Hey, I have this new marketing technology” or “I have this new reporting technology.” I don’t go through all of it, but if their pitch is good enough, I take a look at it. We recently just got one that was a video that had our website in it and I was like, “Wow, that’s really impressive.” So, guess what? We set up a meeting, and now he gets our attention. So it does work.

I’ve learned a lot in regards to people reaching out, kind of saying, “Hey, we offer this specific social media platform to post on Facebook, Instagram, and others,” and then I take a look and I compare against the software that we currently have. So, all-in-all, it’s very positive, and it’s not that much work to do. The package that we offer and the reason why we’re offering it is because we do a little bit more than just organic. I don’t message anyone. I’m not a sales rep, so I don’t go out and message 50 people at one time. But obviously, with the new package, we’re mailing people 50 times a day and getting in front of them and I can tell you that, with the clients that are on it, I mean, we’re generating huge leads for them.

Michael: We’ve had a client actually who, we tried a lot of different things for him, and really, it just wasn’t working out. So we shifted gears and shifted gears again and, luckily, they were troopers and they stuck around. And we finally figured out this LinkedIn Lead Gen thing and we put them on it and they got three leads last week, which is huge for them. I mean, the deals that they get are very big in size, so to even get them on that level was amazing. I think we got him one in the previous two months, and it just really wasn’t going well. I think we were doing Facebook for him, and when we switched over to LinkedIn, boom, three in a week.

Wilbur: And I don’t want you to think of it as like a sales tool, either. Whether you’re looking for leads or you’re doing sales or you’re looking for investors or you’re looking for anything in regards to service, there’s someone in your network that has someone that they can refer. Whether it’s, “Hey, I need something to remodel my home,” whatever it is, real estate is on LinkedIn now, so it’s a very powerful tool for really any industry. I definitely recommend it.

Michael: Sounds good, man. Thank you for your time.

Wilbur: Thank you. Yeah, it’s good to see you.

Michael: Maybe we’ll have him back as a special guest some other time! Thank you, guys. This was episode 18 of #WeBuildWednesdays. We’ll see you next Wednesday.


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