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#WeBuildWednesdays #57: How to Run a Successful Search Ads Campaign

Setting Up a Successful Ad Campaign Mike: What’s going on guys? Happy Wednesday! I’m here today with half of our PPC team; we’ve got Tarik, we’ve got Steven, we’ve got Micah and we’re going to talk to you guys about setting up a successful search ads campaign. Obviously search ads have been around for 10-15 plus years at this point so you’re probably

#WeBuildWednesdays 56: A Breakdown on Amazon PPC & Advertising 2020

Amazon & PPC Advertising in 2020 Mike: What’s going on guys this is Mike Norris I’m here today with Tarik Rahman, our Director of Paid Advertising at Youtech and we are going to talk to you about Amazon ads. Tarik why don’t you say hi to everybody. Tarik: How’s it going, guys? I’m here finally. Mike: Yeah this has

#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 55: How to Measure SEO Success

Tracking SEO Progress Mike: What’s going on everybody happy Wednesday it’s Mike Norris. I’ve got Eric Siemek here, what’s going on Eric? We were just having a little conversation here over zoom and we were drinking a couple beers getting a little cheers in just celebrating. We’re actually recording this on a Friday even though it’s going live Wednesday but we were chatting

#WeBuildWednesdays #54: The Importance of IT in Marketing

What Role Does IT Play in Marketing? Mike Norris: What’s going on guys, happy Wednesday! It’s Mike Norris here to talk to you today about the importance of IT in marketing and for that I have brought my good friend Frank Sarnelli who is our senior network administrator here at Youtech! Or, as we call him, ITelder on Slack! It was previously ITninja but he

Tips for Marketing in a Highly Regulated Industry

  Grabbing Ahold of Regulated Markets Mike Norris: What’s up everybody welcome to #WeBuildWednesdays! I’m Mike Norris. I’m here with Carrie Draper today from Awesome Hand Gaming! And, today we’re going to talk a little bit about Awesome Hand Gaming, but we’re also going to talk for marketing in a highly regulated industry like Awesome Hand Gaming is in. So, Carrie, why don’t you start off.

How We Grew One Website’s Traffic to 2.4 MILLION Annual Visitors

How Youtech Grew UrbanMatter to an Online Sensation Mike Norris: What going on guys?! Happy Wednesday, I’m Mike Norris. I’ve got Kali Cramer with us from UrbanMatter today, and were going to talk to you about how we built a website. We went from zero to 2.4 million visitors per year in five years.  Kali Cramer: Oh yeah!  Mike: Yeah, and the website

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