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The Benefits of Social Media Scheduling with HeyOrca

How Can Scheduling Improve Your Company? Mike: How’s it going, guys! it’s Mike Norris. I’m here with Katie Thompson — content and community manager of HeyOrca. Today, we’re going to talk about social media, and more specifically, some of the benefits of social media scheduling. Katie, I’m going to turn it over to you. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, your role, HeyOrca, and what HeyOrca is

#WeBuildWednesdays 48: A/B Testing vs. Personalization

 Mike: How’s it going, guys. Happy Wednesday! It’s Mike Norris. I’m here to talk to you today about A/B testing and Personalization. And for this conversation, I brought in Charles Brunn from Dynamic Yield, who is an expert in this field. So, Charles, I’ll let you introduce yourself a little bit here. Charles: Thanks, Mike! Dialing in from New York. It’s

Compressing and Resizing Images to Improve Site Speed

Improve Your Site Speed, Improve UX What’s up, guys! Happy Wednesday. I’m Mike Norris. Today, we’re going to talk about compressing and resizing images to improve your website speed. This is extremely important.   Potential Customers Have No Time to Waste No matter how you’re driving traffic to your website, whether it’s through SEO, PPC, social media, email — it doesn’t matter. If your website takes over three seconds to load, more than 50%

The Importance of Dedicated Landing Pages (and Best Practices)

Maximize Your PPC Campaigns What’s going on, guys! Happy Wednesday. Today we’re going to talk about dedicated landing pages — more importantly, the importance of dedicated landing pages. A lot of people who run ads run two landing pages already, so many of you already know this. But there are still people out there who run ads directly to their website’s

301 vs. 302 Redirects – Which Would You Choose?

What’s the Difference Between a 301 and a 302 Redirect? What’s going on, guys! Happy Wednesday.  Today we’re going to talk about redirects, more specifically 301 redirects versus 302 redirects. The 301 redirect is what’s known as a permanent redirect. The 302 is what’s known as a temporary redirect. There are situations where you can use both, but most of the time, there’s a

#WeBuildWednesdays: How to Analyze Quality Score in Google Ads

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday. Mike Norris here.  I’m going to talk to you today about Quality Score. A couple of videos back, we did an intro on the learning phase for pay-per-click advertising, which starts off every new campaign when using an automated bidding strategy. Now, I want to discuss Quality Score.   What is Quality Score?  Quality Score follows


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