#WeBuildWednesdays: How to Analyze Quality Score in Google Ads

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday. Mike Norris here. 

I’m going to talk to you today about Quality Score. A couple of videos back, we did an intro on the learning phase for pay-per-click advertising, which starts off every new campaign when using an automated bidding strategy.

Now, I want to discuss Quality Score.


What is Quality Score? 

Quality Score follows a campaign over time versus the learning phase that just happens when you make a major change or start a new campaign. One of the things you’ll want to optimize as you run through your PPC account over time are those Quality Scores. I’ve got a PPC account here in front of me. As you can see from this column on the right, these are our Quality Scores.

Each keyword you have within your ad groups has its own Quality Score. You’re not going to have a Quality Score for an ad group or campaign as a whole—that will not happen. Instead, within your keywords tab on the left, you’ll be able to see your Quality Score for each given keyword.


Quality Score Ranking: One is bad. Ten is Extraordinary. 

It’s out of ten. One is bad. Zero, bad. Ten is extraordinary—It’s very good. I have never seen anyone hit ten for anything other than their brand name. I’ve seen a lot of nines. Nines are great, but ten is very very very difficult to achieve.

Generally speaking, if you’ve got a six, seven—or depending on the keyword, five isn’t too bad—those are generally really good. When you get down to that one to three range, that’s when you want to start improving those keywords.


The Three Subcategories of Your Quality Score

Quality Score breaks down within Adwords here in three different categories. Look at these categories so you know what to improve in order to raise your Quality Score. I’ll show you how to do that. Right here, you’re going click on “Columns” and “Modify columns”.

There’s a section called Quality Score. You click on that and it’s got your Landing page experience, Expected click-through rate, and Ad relevance. Those are the three subcategories of Quality Score. We’re going to look at those—and boom— you can look at the different definitions of these.


Landing Page Experience

Basically, your Landing page experience is how relevant your landing page is to your ad and keyword.


Expected Click-Through Rate 

Your expected click-through rate is based on your average position and the historical data of that keyword from other advertisers. What is your expected click-through rate supposed to be? They don’t tell you. But if you’re doing well, you’re going to have a better than average expected click-through rate. If you’re doing worse, obviously, below average.


Ad Relevance 

Then you have your ad relevance. That’s how closely your keyword matches your ad. 

Basically, you want your ad to be one that people will click on. Your ad has to have an enticing offer. Use dynamic keyword insertion if possible, and be relevant.


Perfect Harmony

You want your landing page to align with your ad, your keyword to align with your ad, and your keyword to align with your landing page. You want all three of those categories in perfect alignment and that’s going to give you a good Quality Score. Looking at this top turn here, Spa Naperville Illinois, we’ve got a seven out of ten. We’ve got an above-average landing page experience. That’s how they rank them. They say above average, average, or below average. 

Our expected click-through rate is below average, so that would be something we’d want to look to optimize. But our ad is relevant. We’re getting above average in that category, so overall this is a really good keyword for us. Generally speaking, you’ll see here we’ve got 22 conversions on the keyword. Looking at some of the other ones, this one’s our best. Our cost per conversion is relatively low. But our click-through rate is actually really high. 

So, to see that our expected click-through rate is below-average—that’s very interesting. But we’ve got a high conversion rate as well. 


Dominate PPC 

If your keywords have really good quality scores, you’re going to dominate PPC and that’s the name of the game at the end of the day. If you optimize towards Quality Score, you’re going to do well. That’s how you check it out. That’s how you do it. Expect more videos in the future that dig into these categories on a more individual basis. 

But, that’s Quality Score and that’s how you check it out.


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