#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 31: Should You be on Facebook?

Who Should Be on Facebook Nowadays?

What’s up, guys? Happy Wednesday! Mike Norris here talking to you today about Facebook.

Should you be on Facebook?

Last episode, we talked about Twitter. This episode: Facebook.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Yeah, I should obviously be on Facebook. There’s how many billion people on Facebook, you know. Obviously, everyone is there. I should be on the platform.”

And, to some extent, that’s true.

But to some extent, you’re not really gonna reach all those people unless you do a lot of things right, so that’s kind of what I’m here to talk to you about today.

The Wrong Way to Be On Facebook

Obviously having a Facebook isn’t a bad thing. It’s not really gonna hurt you just to have a profile but, in some sense, it actually kind of can.

So let’s say you have a website and I visit your website and I’m looking and I’m thinking, “Okay, you know, these guys might be legit. I might want to purchase their product or their service,” and I’m scrolling through. I’m looking for some kind of social proof to make sure that you’re legitimate and I see at the bottom, you’ve got a Facebook icon, and I think, “Okay, I’ll check out their Facebook. Let’s see what that says.”

I check it out and you have 30 followers. You haven’t posted since 2015 and your profile picture looks like ass and your background image looks like ass and I’m like, “Okay, I don’t know about these guys anymore.” So it can hurt you, so don’t do it that way.

The Right Way to Be On Facebook

But what you can do, if you’re going to start a Facebook, is maintain a consistent presence on the platform. It doesn’t matter if you have 200 followers or something. Obviously, that’s not going to generate a lot of business for you, but it will help you in those situations where people are looking for social proof.

Make sure that you have a nice profile picture. Make sure that you have a nice background image and, if you’re really thinking about using Facebook as a tool to drive business, that’s where the advertising comes in.

So, right now, if you decided to create a Facebook out of nowhere, you’re going to have a very difficult time building up an audience unless you have a very passionate group that you’re targeting and you have some excellent content and you’re dedicating quite a bit of time to it.

Advertising On Facebook

With ads, that’s a little bit different. Facebook advertising is a lot cheaper than Google advertising right now. The reason being is when you advertise to someone on Facebook, you’re not catching them in the moment that they’re looking for that particular service or product.

On Google, you are. They’re showing that intent. They’re searching at that moment, you know, “buy brown Yeezys” and they’re looking for brown Yeezys in that moment.

If you’re targeting them on Facebook, that’s going to their newsfeed. They’re really just looking at, you know, their family, friends, relatives, funny videos of cats and dogs, some new Game of Thrones article about the last episode and they happen to see your ad.

Yeah, there’s a chance they’ll click, but there’s also a chance they won’t. Your click-through rates are going to be lower on Facebook but it’s a lot cheaper per click on Facebook. You can also target people in a variety of different ways with a variety of different ads and you don’t have to only target them using search terms, which is the real value in Facebook.

Targeting the Right Audience

So, if you have a really good email list, you can dump that into Facebook, create a custom audience out of it, and advertise to people that way. If you want to do retargeting or remarketing for your products, you put the Facebook pixel on your site and you can show ads to people who have visited specific service pages or product pages on your website to get them to buy again. Those do really well.

Or you can target new audiences based on their profession or their interests or the pages that they follow and Facebook’s really good for that because it has a lot of signals telling it a lot about these people. So, if someone tags me and a Game of Thrones article and I comment on it, I like it, Facebook is like, “Okay, this guy’s pretty interested in Game of Thrones,” so you can do things that way to target people.

You can also target people, as I said earlier, by their job title or by where they live geographically, obviously, their age and, again, interests.

This is where you see the most bang for your buck and, if you’re really looking to venture into Facebook, the ad budget is an absolute must. I promise you, it is a must, and it’s not as simple of a question as “Should you be on Facebook?” Yes or no. I think you should but I think you also need to dedicate the time to it. I don’t think you need to have an advertising budget if you really want to take advantage of the platform.

So that’s it for this Wednesday. I’ll see you next Wednesday. Thank you!


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