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Digital advertising is everything right now. With media at an all-time high, visuals allow you to reach a global audience in seconds. Even if only for a moment, TV advertising puts your brand in the spotlight—no competitors, no distractions. Just your brand and the audience. Print media simply does not compare.

Make a virtual impact. Youtech delivers a viral-optimized experience that’ll amplify your brand message and reach your audience from the comfort of their home. With world-class execution, prolific storytelling, and fresh creativity that doesn’t shy from the unconventional, we’ll help you connect to your audience emotionally and visually. The time to shine is now.

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National, Regional, and Local

No matter the targeted audience, we’ll help you create an eye-catching, virtual experience by tailoring visuals to fit your demographics. Don’t worry about location, Youtech will come to you.

Demographic Targeting

We use extensive interest-based & audience targeting to reach consumers based on demographic information including interests, location, devices, and more.

Household-Level Data

Know who’s viewing your TV ad. Our team utilizes high-tech platforms to gain trusted data and insight regarding the households that view your advertisement.

Who We have Worked With

What You’ll Receive

Our main goal: To drive conversions and generate worldwide brand recognition in an instant. By devising an optimal eye-catching experience, we make your business a trustworthy, prominent, and intriguing brand among leading competitors. This leads to more form fills, phone calls, sales, and emails. Take a look at our work.

Interest Targeting

Define who you want to reach. We utilize extensive interest-based & audience targeting to pinpoint consumers based on interests, location, devices, and more.


Timing is everything. Display your ads at certain times of the day to maximize its visibility and outcome.

Nielsen Media Research

We implement high-depth media data and insight platforms to drive progress and ensure your ads perform to the best ability.

Customized Reporting

One size reporting doesn’t fit all. We customize reports to fit your unique needs and will dedicate a specialist to monitor your ad account.

Step 1

Arrange an initial meeting with the client to better understand your business and what you want to accomplish.

Step 2

Craft and develop a script by pitching ideas, detailing an outline, and designing effective video strategies that target consumers based on your business and industry.

Step 3

Pre-Production begins. During this phase, the script is broken down into individual scenes with storyboards. Locations, props, costumes, cast members, and visual effects are also properly managed.

Step 4

Production begins. We’ll ensure that daily shoots are properly planned and running smoothly. We also implement ongoing communication with all parties involved.

Step 5

Post-Production/Editing begins. This requires the reviewing, assembling, and editing of footage as well as adding music, sound, and design elements.

Step 6

Media Buying/Placement begins. Now it’s time to distribute. Advertisers can target consumers by purchasing ad spots during shows your intended demographic is likely to watch. We will distribute your video ad accordingly.


TV Advertising is typically quoted on a per-project basis. Ongoing TV advertising campaigns are customizable per client.

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