Trade Shows

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Making connections and establishing valuable relationships at industry-specific trade shows generates brand awareness and creates a long-lasting impression on your target audience. Here are three ways you can generate buzz around your company:

Presentation/Speaking Engagements
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Our Work

What We’ve Done

From trade show ideation and designing booths to crafting an effective trade show strategy and creating marketing collateral, we do it all. Throughout the years, we have helped several companies and brands garner success at industry trade shows and other respective events.

Trade Shows

Youtech in Action

We practice what we preach: Youtech believes in attending marketing and advertising trade shows in conferences to amplify our skills and create conversation around our agency. We believe in and have seen the impact that attending trade shows and conferences have on generating growth.

What You’ll Receive


Exhibitions are the heart and soul of any trade show. Give your company life and present your brand to customers and industry professionals through creative and vivid displays.

Meeting Spaces
Booth Design
Promotional Items
Video Creation


Attending trade shows and industry events are just as important as showcasing. Being an attendee allows for connection-making and learning additional ins-and-outs of your industry.

Plan of Attack
Meeting Spaces
Creative Marketing
Promotional Items
Business Cards

Presentations/Speaking Engagements

Positioning yourself and your company as thought leaders adds exposure, leverages networking, and builds trust. We’ve taken note from HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology by engaging potential prospects before delighting them through skillfully-crafted presentations that generate the opportunity to engage and delight simultaneously.

Conducting Research & Development For Your Presentation
Coaching You Through the RFP Process
Identifying Speaking Opportunities
Designing Your Final Presentation

Our Process

Regardless of the path you take, Youtech promises a seamless process every time.

Once the design is approved, we will send your collateral to production
After receiving feedback from your team, our team will work on any design edits
Once your booth choice is nailed-down, mock designs are created
After, we have a booth discussion followed by selection
We start with a creative meeting
Any and all materials are shipped and will be in in your hands prior to your event


Trade show projects are typically quoted based on the total number of hours to complete all assets and assignments. However, packages can be worked out in special circumstances. Let us know how we can help you generate meaningful connections.

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