The Importance Of Brand Experience

Reach Beyond the Visual

A company’s brand encompasses more than just the creation of a logo or the implementation of colors and typefaces. Brands have the potential to reach beyond the visual elements. Every experience we have with each and every brand gives us insight into the company itself, an understanding that even a logo could never entirely convey.

Consumers are overwhelmed with choices. Building a brand must be a strategic process, one that incorporates imagination with business strategy to deliver one of a kind experiences that no other competitor can replicate. Consider the reasons you are dedicated to particular brands, whether you are a Coca-Cola person, a Chipotle devotee, or just can’t fly anything but Delta. You remain loyal to the brands that create compelling experiences.

Every customer interaction should be viewed as an opportunity, from a phone call to website content, commercials, or personal interaction. A memorable experience creates a positive outlook, but a bad experience becomes a lost opportunity that can demolish the brand. Customers consistently return to the Apple Store for helpful education, the American Girl Place for afternoon tea or Target to find exactly what is needed. The possibilities for creating positive brand experiences are endless.

The world today is filled with brands, all fighting for our recognition and attention. Stop and take a moment to think. What is it about the brands you love that keep you returning for more?

Create Experiences for Customers

For example, my own personal experiences at Starbucks keep me coming back for more, even with the higher priced products. According to Howard Schultz, the Founder and CEO of Starbucks, “The art of being a great retailer is to preserve the core while enhancing the experience.” They certainly have created such. It is the unwaveringly positive experiences that have created my loyalty to the brand. At Starbucks, I know that I will be greeted with a smile and friendly conversation. I know that my order will be created the exact same way every time. And although prices are quite steep, I receive rewards and deals for being a loyal customer.

These simple experiences are ones that I do not overlook. It is decisions like these that we as consumers make every day to determine which brands and products we are loyal to. Although a successful logo or website can certainly create interest in a brand, it is the brand experiences that keep consumers going back for more.

Let Us Help!

Does your current brand create a positive experience with your customers? Or are you looking to create a brand that will ensure compelling experiences and instill loyalty with your customers? Look no further, get your consultation for how to create a positive brand experience for your company with Youtech & Associates.


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