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When The Alkaline Water Co. initially approached us here at Youtech, they were seeking help with the launch of their CBD brand, A88CBD. With plenty of CBD marketing experience, we were able to successfully create a full marketing strategy to launch A88CBD. The success developed our relationship with The Alkaline Water Co., and initiated the takeover Social Media Management for Alkaline88 Water as well.


Who is The Alkaline Water Co.?

Born in 2011 and headquartered in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, The Alkaline Water Company is a producer of premium bottled alkaline and flavored water sold under the brand name Alkaline88®. With it’s innovative, state-of-the-art proprietary electrolysis process, Alkaline88® delivers perfect 8.8 pH balanced alkaline drinking water with simple ingredients, no chemicals, and much-needed electrolytes. The Company recently ventured into the CBD market, operating under the name A88™, and created a premium line of CBD products. A88™ Infused Products Inc. produces salves, balms, lotions, essential oils, and bath-salt all made with lab-tested full-spectrum hemp.

Making a Name for Ourselves.

With so many CBD products to choose from, we knew taking on A88CBD would require us to create a brand aesthetic that was fresh, enticing, and stood out from the competition. We let the core colors of Alkaline88 Water inspire our designs for the A88CBD branding while keeping it unique and bold in its own right. By doing this, we were able to create a branding vision that brought cohesiveness and recognizability, to encourage those that know and love Alkaline88 Water to explore A88CBD and beyond.

Shopping Simplified.

Before partnering with Youtech, A88CBD did not have a web presence. Along with a one-of-a-kind website design, we integrated numerous features into the A88CBD website to allow for a seamless shopping experience. Utilizing Shopify, we created a website that demanded attention and encouraged a simple shopping experience. Limiting excessive “fluff” was important in our strides to increase confidence amongst buyers and investors alike. We focused on adding spa-like design elements and highlighted the benefits of each product to tailor the web experience. As you navigate through the website, you will likely notice that the site was built with conversions in mind. At every turn, you’ll find a Call To Action, which ultimately has encouraged viewers to purchase products, review them, and come back for more.

Creating Valuable Connections.

Creating the perfect SEO content plan for A88CBD proved to be extremely valuable. We utilized guest blogs, on-page optimizations, blogs, and backlinking to increase overall organic keyword ranking and traffic. With so many e-commerce CBD companies out there, we got creative and established dominance in a market that has proven to be growing at the speed of light.

Influencing the Masses.

After casting out a vision for A88, we quickly determined the necessity for influencers. The extreme value that comes from endorsement behind your products is unmatched. We did not want to settle for people who “kind of fit” the brand – instead we create The A88CBD A-Team. This is a community of known influencers that range from athletes, parents, world-travelers, entrepreneurs, and beyond. We see this to be a crucial aspect of building a wellness brand and have hand-picked A-Team members to target specific demographics and encourage a seamless integration of A88 products into their routines.

The Perfect Follow Up Plan.

We utilizing different Email Marketing strategies to encourage purchases and returning customers.

BOGO Email.

Strategically used after the customer’s first purchase was made.

Website Launch Email.

Sent to all investors to keep them up to date with the growth of The Alkaline Water Company.

Abandoned Cart Emails.

Automatically sent to customers that added to their cart, but did not complete their purchase.

Every Other Day Emails.

Emails sent to subscribers every other day.


We were given full freedom in developing the A88CBD Social Media channels. We saw the use of the platforms as one of the most crucial forms of marketing during brand development. We established a unique aesthetic that is used for Facebook and Instagram and utilized the public space to show how to incorporate A88 products into daily routines. Content from our A88CBD A-Team will be dispersed across Facebook and Instagram to showcase the ways in which influencers are using A88CBD products.

Alkaline88 Water.

After showing The Alkaline Water Co. what we can do with Social Media Marketing, they initiated a partnership with us for a full takeover of Alkaline88 Water Social Media as well. Taking over Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we were able to give the social media profiles a facelift, utilize cross-promotion and increase the brand’s presence on LinkedIn. Having control of both A88CBD and Alkaline88 Water Social Media Marketing allows for a unique, universal social media cohesiveness for The Alkaline Water Co.

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