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How Golf Courses Should Market to Millennials

Last week, Trent Anderson, Director of Business Development at Youtech & Associates, shared an article on LinkedIn about how millennials “killed golf.” He added some social commentary, too. It really served more as a rant than anything else, but to his surprise, nearly 50 people chimed in with their own thoughts. Another 50,000 viewed the post. Some of those folks currently

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27 Sales Quotes to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

If your job requires you to persuade, influence, motivate, or move people, you are in sales. This obviously includes teachers, lawyers, dentists, pro athletes, web designers, CEOs, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, stock brokers, and, well, you get the point. Now, more than ever before, sales is viewed as a mix of social science, research, business, and story telling. Daniel Pink,

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