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By now, we all know that if you really want your business to make a splash you need two things:
1. A higher search ranking
2. Targeted digital ads. Just ask Pool In Floor.


12 Weeks

Date Completed

July 2018



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Who is Pool in Floor?

Pool In Floor is a family-owned and operated e-commerce Pool Supply Retailer out of Phoenix, Arizona with over 25 years of experience in pool service, pool repair, and retail pool supply for all your pools and spas needs. Pool In Floor is also one of the largest sellers of pools and spas parts on Amazon.

Pool In Floor is like a lot of family-owned businesses today: Competing for attention in a highly saturated, big pond of industry players and mega-online wholesalers. Facing little product differentiation, brands in this space must compete on customer service and seamlessness of shopping experience. The Pool In Floor team had seemingly ticked those boxes, but were not impressed with the return. Pool In Floor came to Youtech to find the most cost-effective way to increase online sales while maximizing customer experience.

What were they looking for?

A thorough analysis confirmed that Pool In Floor required services centered around increasing online visibility:

Website audit to improve their organic traffic

Keyword ranking

Increased Google Ad ranking to improve CPA (cost per acquisition)

Additionally, Pool In Floor requested us to clear up ongoing issues from a previous web developer and to have an open line of communication. The company was extremely interested to have a team that understood their needs and executed a detailed plan.



Youtech completely redesigned the Pool In Floor website from the ground up. The team worked with the BigCommerce e-commerce software to eliminate unnecessary friction in the user shopping experience. We also took over all aspects of Pool In Floor marketing, including:


The start of taking over the SEO for Pool In Floor consisted of going through and putting the site in a healthy state. After working on the essentials to get the site healthy, we focused on building out a specific SEO content plan for individual product pages focusing on targeted keywords, structure, and competitor research to increase overall organic keyword ranking and traffic. Once we got high-quality content on the site and started to rank for the terms we deemed important, we focused on increasing page authority and keyword ranking through a structured backlinking plan to drive high-quality backlinks to related product pages.


We devised a strategic campaign that used Google Shopping ads to outrank competitors. Targeting keywords and being hyperspecific to each individual product allowed for higher quality scores and ad relevancy in addition to lowering wasted spend.

By the Numbers

Analyzing data can be intimidating, but necessary to keep your head above water. The Youtech team’s decisions are driven by emotion and verfied by fact to ensure optimal results across the board. Our analytics are our source of truth. Once you see what you’re capable of through the numbers, it’s like taking a breath of fresh air.

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pool float

It’s Arizona. Everyone needs a pool.

But how do you take the high dive in a market where there are countless others trying to make a splash? Well, just like Pool In Floor, you work with Youtech.

Ready to dive in?

Come on in, the water’s warm.