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As one of the largest outdoor living e-commerce sites, virtually venture into Outdoormarketplace to find beautiful outdoor fire pits, durable grill accessories, excellent kitchen products, and handy fireplace accessories. They pride themselves on product diversity, innovation, and convenience.

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Become the go-to place for outdoor products.

Outdoormarketplace was ready to go past selling exclusively in the U.S. to bring their products to Canada and beyond. With this market development, they wanted as many people as possible to make their outdoor living space dreams a reality.

Our goal was therefore plain to see: to develop Outdoormarketplace’s online presence, its brand awareness, and generate leads. With our marketing agency on the case, it was only a matter of time until we rang the bell of success.

The Plan.

With this goal in mind, Youtech got to work (with only a couple of BBQ lunches in between) to create a marketing strategy as high-quality as any one of Outdoormarketplace’s modern fire pits and tools. And in a very short time, the fruition of our market development plan was already within reach.

Email Marketing.

We scanned through their old database to create needle-moving abandoned cart messages, warm welcome sequences, and other custom emails all along the customer journey.


Because of the excellent margins with their gorgeous fire pits, we went all in and built timely Smart Shopping campaigns around them. Nothing gets past our PPC experts.


We performed product optimizations to ensure customers are finding exactly what they’re looking for—and wrote keyword optimized blogs to move traffic.

Social Ads.

We showcased promotions—generally on fire pits—for retailers carrying Outdoormarketplace products such as Home Depot or Wayfair.

Web Design.

We revamped brand image to feel more modern, the theme to be more aesthetically pleasing, and the layout for ease of use. Users buy when it’s easy!

The Results.


Decrease in Cost Per Click.


Increase in Web Traffic.


Decrease in Organic Traffic.

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