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As an online food pantry, My Pantry Express makes keeping Northern Illinois residents fed easier than ever before. No qualifications are required for usage. They’re sponsored by Northern Illinois Food Bank, which donates and distributes food to various non-profit organizations.

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The Goal.

Double the amount of orders being made.

While NIFB sought to improve its web presence, My Pantry Express was set on receiving and processing two times the number of orders they were getting before our partnership. This new web development strategy would allow them to reach even more families in need of a helping hand.

The Plan.

Northern Illinois Food Bank and My Pantry Express may operate differently, but they do share one common goal: alleviating food insecurity for families in Illinois. With our CEO becoming a NIFB Board Director, we were more than happy to do our part and take it a step further by putting some elbow grease into the web development efforts.

Paid Social.

Conversion ads led straight to a user-friendly landing page for convenient ordering. The focus was on having non-restrictive shopping.


We laid out pages for easy access to county-specific locations by optimizing keywords and working on technical SEO. This way, those looking for free food can find it hassle-free.


Our paid advertising campaigns targeted single parents, families, seniors, and college students who would benefit most from free shopping.

Web Design.

Our web designers reworked their website for a smooth ordering flow. We also offered web hosting to ensure they could handle the order influx.

The Results.


Increase in NIFB Organic Web Traffic.


NIFB Goal Completions.


Increase in MPX Facebook Conversions.

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