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J&J Ventures is a licensed video terminal operator (TO). AHG entered the legalized video slot machine industry in 2009 after the passing of the Illinois Video Gaming Act. J&J Ventures made the logical jump to video slot machines after 70 years in the food vending and entertainment industries.

The Issue.

Enhance Digital Presence.

J&J Ventures, part of the A&H Management and A&H Entertainers family of business, enjoyed two generations of success in jukeboxes, video arcade gaming consoles, darts, and billiards. Yet, its challenge was twofold: Helping locations market themselves to gamers, and then, by extension, marketing directly to gamers themselves. In other words, AHG had to somehow crack marketing to both B2B and B2C segments under one roof. On top of that, operators and bar/tavern establishments were having a hard time marketing to the highly-nuanced market of video slots gamers as it was; it would be up to AHG to lead them in a new direction.

Meanwhile, J&J Ventures had its own obstacles. J&J Ventures was relatively unknown amongst consumers who hadn’t previously interacted with A&H Entertainment’s billiard and dart leagues, which meant potential gamers had next to no way of knowing who they were. In addition, the staff was so consumed in new business acquisition that did not have the resources or time to market to these bars and restaurants or to their patrons, which grew the void for client acquisition and retention. Designing and creating their own branding materials, including the company logo, website, social media profiles, print materials, and marketing plans, was put on the backburner to fry the bigger fish.

The Objectives.

J&J Ventures partnered with Youtech to develop an entirely new brand, complete with a fresh tagline, logo, website, social media, print, and digital marketing plans.

Increase Brand Awareness.

Increase brand awareness and brand advocacy among consumers implementing various content marketing tactics.

Increase Lead Generation.

Increase lead generation by creating an establishment locator on web and mobile apps, custom mailings, and location-specific content to help consumers find J&J Ventures locations closest to them.

Assist in Aligning Sales and Marketing.

Assist in aligning sales and marketing team communications and goals to help increase Net Terminal Income (NTI).

The Solution.

To achieve these objectives, Youtech was ready to carry out a full-scale digital marketing plan.

1. Rebranding.

Rebrand J&J Ventures to better convey the fun, Vegas-style slot action available in players’ neighborhoods, towns, and counties.

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2. Create Content.

Create content, including blogs, social media campaigns, professional advice, and recent big winner stories to entertain and educate consumers about AHG.

3. Create Engagement Opportunities.

Create engagement opportunities between the company and consumers with email marketing, social media marketing, and event marketing between the company and its establishments. Newsletters and personal marketing reps per location also facilitated better communication between AHG, its locations, and distributors/manufacturers, creating a greater network of opportunity.

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4. Grow Social Media Following.

Grow social media following to increase engagement with the AHG brand and capture more leads. (Ex: Facebook sweepstakes)

5. Drive Lead Generation.

Drive lead generation by creating a web locator app to more easily find establishments.

This was Youtech’s first foyer into full-service marketing, and we were eager to earn our seat at the table. Youtech hit the ground running building a new website, SEO optimizing all content, and creating multiple concepts for different J&J Ventures products and merchandise to give AHG the infrastructure it needed to support lead generation.

This parlayed into the creation of a custom J&J Ventures CRM, mobile Platinum Players app, and a project management system with an assigned sales representative for each of AHG’s 200+ locations. Youtech equipped J&J Ventures with the assets it needed to spread its message and the wealth.

The Results.

Through our long partnership we have been able to product very good results for all the issues referenced above. We continue our work to this day with the goal of improving even more. Notable results of our work with J&J Ventures include:


Decrease in Event Promotion Overhead.


Email List Subscribers through Event Promotions.


Increase in Email List.


Platinum Players Rewards Program App Monthly Active User Rate.

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