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As search engines like Google advance in giving users exactly what they’re looking for at the moment they’re looking for it, ads on these platforms follow suit. The ability for advertisers to display their products at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) makes Google Shopping ads one of the most effective forms of paid advertising.

That’s where Youtech comes in. Our marketing agency takes the time to understand your business and produce results. We know exactly how to customize shopping ads that not only grasp the attention of your audience but also convert them, time after time.

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To become a Google Premier Partner, it takes more than just knowledge. Our agency has shown outstanding results for our clients over an extended period of time, proudly earning Google Premiere Partner Status.

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For E-Commerce businesses, Google Shopping Ads effectively reach users based on their shopping intent. In other words, Google Shopping Ads allow advertisers to showcase their products to users already seeking out that given product. Let’s take a look at a few stats about shopping ads.

Google Shopping Ads appear first on the SERPs
Google Shopping Ads stand out from search ads since a product image is displayed along with other details like price & promotions.
Across US online retail, Google Shopping Ads now make up 76.4% of retail search ad spend and win 85.3% of all clicks.
On average, conversion rates run 26% higher and cost-per-click is reduced by 23% compared to Google Search Ads.
People who search for products on Google have typically already done some research and are close to making a decision.
There is no keyword targeting associated with shopping ads. Google uses your product data feed to match your products to searches.

Benefits of Shopping Ads

Qualified Leads

Increase the number of qualified clicks to your site by featuring product information directly in your ads. This helps users make informed purchasing decisions, which increases the chances of a shopper completing a purchase on your site.

Seamless Campaign Management

Unlike keywords that trigger search campaigns, Google Shopping links to a Merchant Center account and uses an API from your E-Commerce website. This feed pulls in product data and shows your ads on relevant searches.

Data Collection & Reporting

Google allows advertisers to see full in-depth reporting on their Google Shopping campaigns. Google’s interface provides the ability to drill down to specific product SKUs and evaluate the profitability from paid efforts.

Types of Shopping Ads

Some shopping ads direct consumers to purchase online right away. These are the most common. Other variations can direct users to the nearest store for pickup. These are commonly used in the CPG industry, among others. As shopping ads continue to grow more sophisticated, additional campaign goals are becoming commonplace. A few of these are outlined below.

Smart Shopping Ads

Showcase your products through both shopping and display ads. This type of campaign uses automated ad placement and bidding to optimize performance and increase revenue. Smart Shopping campaigns promote products from a product feed across a variety of Google networks including search, display, and YouTube.

Showcase Shopping Ads

Group together a selection of related products and display them in one ad. This type of ad helps users decide where to buy when they search for more general terms, not a specific product.

Local Inventory Ads

Showcase your products and information on nearby retailers that carry your product. When a user clicks your ad, they land on a local storefront page where they can view in-store inventory, get store hours, and find directions to the location.

What You’ll Receive

Our main focus typically centers on driving conversions. With shopping ads, this is typically defined as an online purchase, though it can extend to form fills, phone calls, or email subscribers. We achieve this by matching the ads we create with custom branded landing pages that convert, provide a seamless user experience, and outclass the competition.

Ad Creation

We leverage all ad types available with Google to determine which drives the highest conversion rates.

Google Certified Talent

Every Youtech team member is Google Certified.

Campaign Performance

A dedicated specialist will be in your ad account on a daily basis. While it’s not necessarily a good idea to make changes every day, we do perform daily check-ins to ensure your account performance improves over the long term.

Market Research

We take the time to understand your consumers to align our overall paid efforts.

Tailored Research

No two clients are the same. We tailor our approach to your overall business goals.

Custom Goal-Driven Landing Pages

A simple design is an effective design. We create custom landing pages with the sole purpose of driving conversions.

Our Process

Step 1

Arrange an initial meeting with you to better understand your business and what you want to accomplish.

Step 2

Craft a shopping ad plan that targets users based on products relevant to your business and industry.

Step 3

Set up campaigns including Merchant Center, API integrations, campaigns/ad groups, location targeting, and goal tracking.

Step 4

Push play on our campaigns.

Step 5

Perform ongoing A/B testing and optimizations. Each day of the week, a dedicated specialist will focus on certain aspects of your campaign to increase performance over time.

Google Shopping Ads

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