Electric Guard Dog

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Electric Guard Dog, or EGD, is a multi-layered security solution. Much like an authentic guard dog, EGD’s main goal is to protect clients assets, resources, and data using high-quality lines of defense. Serving various industries with valuable assets, their clientele ranges from rental companies and trucking companies to auto auctions and dismantlers. They relentlessly protect assets through their integrated layers of security using three Core Layers of deterrence:

Physical Fence – Solar-powered for continuous protection. Over time you will see your spending decrease from an energy consumption standpoint.
7,000 Volt Shock – Usually the most effective deterrent for obvious reasons, no one will touch it more than once!
Alarm System – Triggered when anyone attempts to scale or touch the fence and the business owner is immediately notified.



Date Started

September 2017



Electric Guard Dog


Brand Awareness & Sales

Electric Guard Dog wants to stop crime before it happens. How can they best accomplish this you may ask? By spreading awareness! EGD came to Youtech with different goals to achieve, one being to generate brand awareness. They needed help showing the industries they serve that electric fencing in itself is the solution! Another objective of theirs is driving leads to increase overall sales. We accomplish these goals using various marketing approaches.


Youtech developed a marketing strategy to optimize the number of people reached by Electric Guard Dog and drive sales through Content Marketing,, SEO, PPC, Programmatic Advertising, and Premium Content.

Content Marketing

We use content marketing as a strategy to stimulate interest, educate, and increase brand awareness for not just EGD, but the security industry as a whole. Creating high-quality content allows us to explain the value and necessity of having an electric fencing solution like Electric Guard Dog.

Aside from brand advocacy, content marketing assists in our SEO efforts and allows us to establish relevant information and keywords on their site. Crafting our own blogs, e-books, and website content allows us to place a higher focus on the structure of our writing and incorporating specific targeted keywords to magnify our SEO efforts.

Premium Content

To enhance our marketing campaign, our content and design teams created infographics, ebooks, sales sheets, and videos for EGD to use both internally and externally. Each piece of content created a robust marketing campaign and provided timeless assets for the company and its existing and future clients.


Our intentions with SEO are to manage Electric Guard Dog’s online presence by ensuring their information is consistent, relevant, and trustworthy across the web. Our team invariably updates keywords based on commonly searched terms and builds domain authority by link building. Structured backlinking increases page authority and boosts our keyword ranking.

PPC & Programmatic Advertising

We devised a strategic campaign using display marketing and retargeting, as well as programmatic advertising to drive brand awareness and move users down the funnel. Display ads are like digital billboards on a website for a company that generates ample brand awareness. We have gained millions of impressions and seen a substantial amount of conversions come from these marketing strategies.

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In 2018 referral traffic grew, due in part to our link building strategy


Electric Guard Dog

Shock the Competition With Electric Guard Dog!

Electric Guard Dog not only has a strong bark, it has a strong bite. Youtech came along to provide a helping hand to let the dog off of the leash. Electric Guard Dog does a tremendous job of keeping people out of places they shouldn’t be, and we like to think we do a pretty good job of letting the right people in.

Ready to teach an old dog new tricks?

We have the proper trainers.