Sales Tips Every Rep Should Know

When it comes to sales, rejection is inevitable. Cold calls can be grueling. Generally, sales reps get told “no” more in a week than people get told in an entire year. However, rejection is a vital part of sales. Rejection is unavoidable, and sometimes, outright exhausting. But there are ways to improve your sales experience—and it starts with the person

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#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 61: Understanding Your Sales Cycle

Understanding the Consumer What’s going on guys happy Wednesday! This is Mike here and Vince Norton from Norton Norris Inc.! We’re going to talk today about understanding your sales cycle, but before we do I want to wish everyone well in the quarantine. My fiance Callie drew this nice picture of Spongebob behind me to make sure that we all

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#WeBuildWednesdays #57: How to Run a Successful Search Ads Campaign

Setting Up a Successful Ad Campaign Mike: What’s going on guys? Happy Wednesday! I’m here today with half of our PPC team; we’ve got Tarik, we’ve got Steven, we’ve got Micah and we’re going to talk to you guys about setting up a successful search ads campaign. Obviously search ads have been around for 10-15 plus years at this point

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#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 20: LinkedIn Marketing Hacks 2019

Step Up Your LinkedIn Game Hey guys, it’s Mike! I’ve got Trent here with me and today, we’re going to talk to you a little bit about LinkedIn. Trent has been doing some great stuff on LinkedIn lately and we’re going to disprove some rumors and teach you some tips. Mike: The first of which people tell us all the

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#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 18: Lead Gen With Wilbur You

Generate Leads Via LinkedIn What’s going on, guys!? This is #WeBuildWednesdays episode 18. I’m your host, Michael Norris. This time, we have a special VIP guest. I’m in the Arizona office for the first time. This is Wilbur You, our fearless leader, and today, we’re here to talk to you about LinkedIn Lead Gen. Build a Network, Identify Prospects Michael:

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#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 6: How Do I Get More New Business?

  How Do I Get More New Business?   Boring #WeBuildWednesdays Intro What’s up, guys? It’s Michael Norris, back with episode six of #webuildwednesdays. Can’t believe it’s round 6 already. This thing is going fast.   The Buying Cycle Today, I want to talk to you about generating new business, which is something that we all want to do, I’m

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Product Bundling: 5 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

Guest post by Laura Gayle, Founder of Business Woman Guide  Consumers love a great deal. BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offers and deep discounts on one product with the purchase of another are great examples. As an e-commerce retailer, are you taking full advantage of this great opportunity to increase your average cart value and upsell your customers on products and

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Why You Should Hire an Integrated Marketing Agency

The first recognized advertising and marketing agency was started by a guy named William Taylor in 1786, according to Wikipedia. Agencies back then primarily focused on print advertising in newspapers, playbills, quarterly magazines, and Farmers’ Almanacs. As time progressed and media evolved, agencies focused on the medium du jour, such as live entertainment, radio, TV, internet, and mobile. Since agencies

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How Distributors should join the rest of 2017 and get on E-Commerce

It’s 2017, and everything today is online. You might be a distributor of steel, industrial parts, or even vending, but the answer is still the same: Get online and start selling through your website. Many distributors and companies have been in the industry for decades and are experts in their fields, but their processes are outdated and old-fashioned. As we

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