You’re more than just a pretty face.

Branding isn’t just a logo or a catchy tagline that separates you from your competitors. Branding endows your company and its people with the power to shape consumers’ perceptions about you. It’s an emotive experience customers, shareholders, and employees have when interacting with your company at every offline and online touchpoint. It’s not about the products — it’s what the products represent that captures (and keeps) people’s attention.

Example: Batman’s bat symbol is a logo. What the bat symbol means to the people of Gotham – safety, security, and justice served – is branding.


“Who are we?”

We’ve got to be honest: branding is hard. It’s hard because, for one, it’s the largest demonstration of teamwork everyone in your company must commit to. More so, it tugs at the moral fibers of your company’s existence, provoking questions of “Who are we?” “What do we stand for?” “How do we want to be remembered?” “What are our values?”


Swoosh. Golden Arches. Mickey Mouse. The most iconic brands in the world don’t need a name to be recognized – their logos speak for themselves. A key part of a brand’s visual identity, a logo identifies a company to the public and leaves an imprint in consumers’ minds about its values, products, and customer experience. In a branding project, Youtech will collaborate with your team to produce a logo that not only speaks to your brand’s story but is entirely original and unique to you.

Branding Logo Construction


Colors are psychological – every color has an underlying meaning and sentiment. Color choice in branding, therefore, is vitally important to showing your personality and inspiring emotions that consumers will associate with your brand. Youtech will advise you on the color scheme that will best suit your brand’s mission, vision, and message to consumers. We will ensure seamless integration with other branding elements to ensure consistency and appropriateness for your target market.

Aa Bb Cc




What’s your type? We’re not too picky, as long it’s readable, legible, and stylish. Creating written words that are characteristic of your brand make your words that much more powerful and memorable. Whether you’re playful or serious, modern or classic, or simple or intricate, the right type will blend cohesively with your design choices and remain consistent through all branding assets. That’s where we come in: to present type options that resonate with your brand and support a pleasant user experience.

Youtech Branding Mock

How does Youtech help?

We can’t fight crime like Batman, and we don’t look as good in spandex — but when it comes to branding, we know what we’re doing. Our branding team has developed a process for assisting companies in defining their brand identity and creating the assets to back it up.

1. Identification

What is your company?
What is the reason for this branding/rebranding?
What challenges are you currently facing?
What inspires you?
What are your goals for the future?

2. Research

Site visits
Industry analysis
SWOT / PESTEL analysis
Consumer surveys and interviews

3. Exploration

Map out branding concepts and elements
Mood boarding
Ideal and target audience development
Story development

4. Creation

Brand positioning and logos
Promotional materials
Office supplies and signage

5. Implementation

Develop brand guidelines and pieces based on approved concepts
Internal and external campaign development
Order new collateral
Official brand launch

Not all superheroes wear capes.

We prefer hoodies.