Tara Hughes


5 Ways to Improve Communication in The Workplace & Everyday Conversation

Every day, we communicate. Whether it’s asking your spouse if they’ve seen the car keys or debriefing with your work team about an uncompleted task, we’re constantly putting our communication skills to the test. But just how effectively are we communicating?   Communication is the backbone of society. It’s the number #1 skillset employers look for in employees, the secret ingredient

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Marketing Post COVID-19

Discover how industries are reshaping the way they market during and after COVID-19  mar·ket·ing /ˈmärkədiNG/   The action of promoting and advertising products or services.   In the midst of a global pandemic, the term “Marketing” is slowly transforming into a new meaning. As some industries skyrocket in demand, while others decline, marketers everywhere are taking the moment to ask:

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Fundamentals of Google Analytics

Every website succeeds or fails on two things: Attracting visitors (the cheese) and Converting visitors (the mousetrap). If you don’t have goals set up in Google Analytics, you have no idea how effective your mousetrap is. In the marketing world, it’s impossible to understand the fabric of your business and marketing pursuits without digging deep into Google Analytics.  You wouldn’t

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Sales Tips Every Rep Should Know

When it comes to sales, rejection is inevitable. Cold calls can be grueling. Generally, sales reps get told “no” more in a week than people get told in an entire year. However, rejection is a vital part of sales. Rejection is unavoidable, and sometimes, outright exhausting. But there are ways to improve your sales experience—and it starts with the person

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How Technology Can Improve Your Business 

  Refine Your Brand with Technology COVID-19 has shifted marketing in pronounced ways. Businesses across the globe are dialing back on marketing efforts to focus internally on the security of their company. While this may seem wise and cost-effective, now is not the time to leave your prospects and customers alone.  More than ever, technology is a crucial part of

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#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 61: Understanding Your Sales Cycle

Understanding the Consumer What’s going on guys happy Wednesday! This is Mike here and Vince Norton from Norton Norris Inc.! We’re going to talk today about understanding your sales cycle, but before we do I want to wish everyone well in the quarantine. My fiance Callie drew this nice picture of Spongebob behind me to make sure that we all

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#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 60: Landing Page Best Practices

Creating Cohesive and Conversion-Focused Landing Pages Mike Norris: What’s going on guys, happy Wednesday! I’ve got Nate, our creative director and Tarik, our director of paid advertising at Youtech. We’re all at home in quarantine but we’re still coming at you this Wednesday!  Fun fact: I’m actually on an exercise bike because I don’t have a good place in my

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