App Store Optimization

So you have an app, now what?

In a world full of apps competing for users’ attention, opportunities to stand out can be fleeting. In some cases, app developers have just seconds to not only catch someone’s attention, but keep it long enough to spur interest and prompt an install.

Youtech’s team of App Store Optimization Specialists understands the complexities of full-service ASO and can help boost installs and usage in both Apple & Android apps.

What’s it all mean?

There are a variety of tactics we can use to help get your app found on the Apple and Google Play App Stores. Once we decide which one[s] to use, the process of increasing your app’s ranking is fluid to accommodate for change; we toss what doesn’t work and build upon what does. We’re pulling rank – you in?

Search Visibility

The first step is admitting you can’t be found. The next step, search impressions.

Conversion Optimization

Once people get to your app store page, you need to entice them to take the next step and install your app. That’s where we come in.

Search Ad Management

Search ads on iOS are a cost-effective, bottom-of-the-funnel method for snagging users while they’re on the hunt for an app like yours.

Video Creation

View the top 100 apps on the app store right now. See any without a great video?

Link Building

Yes, link building — just like SEO. Links are important for showing app store authority and generating referral impressions.


For apps looking to generate buzz in a particular geographical location, we tailor our efforts specifically to those regions.

Keyword Tracking

We start by taking a baseline of your rankings prior to our work starting. After that, we assess our efforts to monitor both your rankings and those of your competitors. Keywords that generate a high volume of searches and downloads are prioritized.

Universal App Campaigns

One of the best methods for generating installs comes in the form of Google’s Universal App Campaigns. This dynamic advertising method uses a variety of headlines, images, and video to mix and match optimally based on where the ad is shown.

Ready to Get Installs?

We thought so.